Mike Duff

Michael Duff

Department of Genetics and Genome Sciences

UConn Health Center
Institute for Systems Genomics
University of Connecticut
400 Farmington Ave
Farmington CT 06030

Graveley Lab

Efforts in the lab are directed toward bringing computational approaches, statistical modeling methods, and bioinformatics tools to bear upon problems posed by the analysis of Next-Generation-Sequencing (NGS) data, including the standard repertoire of techniques drawn from computational genomics: genome assembly, sequence alignment, gene-expression analysis, motif finding, SNP and structural-variant detection, phylogenetic analysis, and identification of regulatory sequences and networks---as well as the development of special-purpose ad-hoc computational tools for particular applications and novel techniques for data visualization.

  • NGS data analysis

    • DNA/RNA/ChIP/CLIP/iCLIP/RIP-seq data analysis(ENCODE)

    • alternative splicing and recursive splicing in D.melanogaster (modENCODE, DSCAM)

    • RNA interactions and functional intronic domains

    • lincRNA data analysis in hES differentiation

    • Human genetic variation, GWAS, and psychogenetics

    • analysis of RNAi off-target effects

    • transplicing

    • Polyomavirus editing, transcript expression profiling for the virus and its host

    • alternative-splicing changes during Human embryonic stem cell differentiation

    • Archaeal CRISPR-Cas systems

  • machine learning methods

    • probabilistic graphical models, model-structure induction, deep learning

    • causal inference and experimental design

    • reinforcement learning theory

    • sequential decision-making under uncertainty

How can Next-Generation-Sequencing be used to infer causal relationships between transcribed elements? How can ambiguity and bias be modeled and resolved?


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